I have been trying to stay clear of prognostication and opinion. I choose to focus on what are the rules and what can I do to secure quality reasonably priced health insurance.

What does the President’s announcement of November 14 mean to that process?

It seems that people whose plans renew from January 1 through October will be able to keep their current plans and will not be required to  change to an Affordable Care Act Plan. We haven’t heard from all the Insurance Companies to see who will allow it and who will not.

Many questions remain which I will try to note in the future. How long will I be able to retain my current plan? Can I change the deductible on my current plan or must I keep it exactly as it is? Is my current plan or an Affordable Care Act plan better for me? Will there still be a fine if I don’t have any Health Insurance? 

I am sure these will be addressed shortly. However, it is not unreasonable to expect more changes in the enforcement of the Affordable Care Act will absolutely be coming. Stay tuned.



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