I know it is not likely to hear from a Health Insurance salesman that he wants Health Care reform, but the system is still broken. So far government has done nothing but play political football with our problems. I identify the major problems as:

  1. Lower premiums
  2. Guarantee coverage
  3. Drop pre-existing conditions from plans

Unfortunately, simple understanding of risk management tells us that we can’t insure everyone without pre-existing clause AND lower the premiums. Think about it this way. A person needs an organ transplant and buys a policy. The Insurance Company is now responsible for a six figure medical expense. What premium could possibly be fair?

The way all three goals can be met is to do one or both of these strategies. We could have a risk pool for the medically sick asking them to pay higher premiums. This is done for car insurance with success.

The other item that has not been mentioned is to allow people to buy “minimum” coverage policies. Allow Insurance Companies to strip out a lot of mandated coverages and lower the maximum coverage to allow people of limited means the ability to buy and pay for their own policy. This way we would not have to ask the Government to pay our policies and every American could buy their own policy.

This is just a simple suggestion from a Health Insurance Professional who is getting tired of telling people that they can’t get coverage or that it will cost $20,000 a year to insure their family. We can do better than this.

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