The Doctor said “I have good news and bad news. The first is that you will live.”

“What is the bad news”.

“That was the bad news. You will live in pain and suffering.”

“The good news is that you will not be alone – so will everyone else.”

Over then next few months and maybe even faster America will be making some governmental changes in our Health Care. It is a system in need of reform. People contacting their elected officials will make make a big difference in what finally emerges.

I see immense confusion on the fundamental issue and that is identifying the problem to be solved. We are being told that every American needs to be able to get quality Health Care at a reasonable cost.

Let’s be clear. That is not what is going on. This is a bill about controlling a serious cost problem. We already have Government Insurance. Between Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Insurance, and Federal Employees, government insurance already covers over 30% of the American population. How is that working out?

They are all losing money and are projected to be broke in short order. There are 80 million baby boomers who will be joining these government plans. They all want good coverage. They want it to be cheap and they all vote. How can this bill be paid?

The answer comes by looking at the original Bernie Madoff, Social Security. Let’s make a Ponzi scheme where we get funds from the young working and healthy people with mandated contributions from private industry (taxes). Then we can use those funds to pay for the elderly just like Social Security.

What will happen in twenty years when this unravels? We’ll deal with that later just like Bernie did. You see in the private sector such a strategy is illegal. In government it is compassionate caring legislation.

All the emotions about 46 million uninsureds and people going bankrupt over medial bills are red herrings. The man behind the curtain is trying to keep Government Insurance from going bankrupt.

Everyone seems to want better coverage at a lower cost. What if these two statements are mutually exclusive? What if the only way to lower cost is to give up some favored items. If I want a less expensive Pizza, I will probably take some items off the top of the pie.

When people vote for Health Care to help those 46 million uninsureds, they may be endorsing a program with fewer doctors, restricted benefits, higher taxes and a much bigger government. In the end the people speak by how they vote. In Rome it was called “vox populi”. What will our voice say?

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