Much is in the news lately about promises on HealthCare  that have not been kept. I have addressed this somewhat in a previous post. The bottom line is that with an exception of a few grandfathered plans, all of us will be getting new policies in 2014. They must cover Essential Benefits and have no pre-existing conditions clause.

The unkept promises of November 6, 2014 have to do with the ease of purchasing a new policy. It is anything but easy. Several steps are required. One has to sign on, create an identity, password and three security questions.

Next it has to be determined if there is eligibility for AHCCCS or tax credits. This number seems to be different depending on the day that people are trying to register.

Finally, there is the process of finding, selecting and purchasing a plan. This process has been confusing and wrought with computer crashes. All this has left consumers angry, frustrated and discouraged.

If you do not qualify for tax credits we can avoid a lot of the problems by purchasing “Off Marketplace”. A lot of people are not aware that we can do this for you. It is faster and more convenient.

So what is the advice of the day? We can help but expectations have to be realistic. My advice is to let us help you one step at a time as the site allows. Being patient and and working with us, we can find the correct plan at the right price for you.

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