In baseball there is a play in which a batter purposely bunts the ball knowing he will probably make an out. This is done so that the runners on base will “move up” and get closer to scoring a run. The batter gives himself up for the good of the team. The play is called a SACRIFICE.

Recently, my oldest son Todd donated a kidney to his younger brother Kyle. This was a donation and a sacrifice. All this reinforced the concept that the good in our life often comes from giving up some selfishness for the good of others.

Many of us have said “I will love and honor you all the days of my life” to another person. There is no quid pro quo in that line. In other words, it does not say I will love only if I get something back. Great love in life seems to emanate from the SACRIFICE.

As we make our DONATIONS in life for the good of others, it seems that we often discover who we really are and our true purpose in life.

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