On Monday November 14, the Supreme Court agreed to hear a challenge to the Healthcare overhaul Law. Oral arguments are to be heard in March with a decision in the Summer of 2012.

The Court has scheduled five and one half hours of arguments rather than the usual one. The major issue is an Appeals Court decision saying the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act saying that the law overstepped Congressional authority and could not be justified by the constitutional power to “regulate commerce”.

The Supreme Court agreed to hear not only if the mandate is constitutional but how much of the balance of the law must follow it. Both sides expressed confidence that they would win.

The impending decision will go a long way to deciding if and how much of the law will actually take effect.

With a lot of this Law, Americans have been in a “wait and see’ position. Will people be required to own Health Insurance? Will Employers be required to purchase Health Insurance for all of their Employees? What kinds of policies will be available and what will be the cost?

Stay tuned but in the meantime keep your policies in force.

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