Today CNN has posted a story from Tami Luhby dated March 19,2014 regarding the lack of Doctors in the new insurance plans. This is a matter that I mentioned yesterday in the blog about how our healthcare has changed forever.

You will see more articles in the future about uncovered prescriptions and large medical bills from consumers due to high deductibles and uncovered bills for out of network treatments. Today I spoke with a woman who had a broken wrist that cost her $19,000.

In the Senior Market, people on Medicare purchase supplemental policies to cover the gaps that Medicare does not cover. We are seeing the same thing happening today in the non-senior market.

People are purchasing items named:

In Hospital Plans

Accident Policies

Cancer and Critical Illness Plans

All these plans are helpful and relatively low cost. In the future you will see more advertising from Insurance Companies to inform the public of the value of these plans. As always, an independent broker with years of experience is the best place to start to get valuable information.


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