Democratic memo on their strategy to win the Health Care Reform passage.

““Winning the health reform debate in August requires nothing less than an aggressive, multi-front effort to control the message and keep the momentum moving forward,” the memo says. “The continued focus and effort of every Member is critical to ensuring our success….Our message is simple….Hold the insurance companies accountable. Remove them from between you and your doctor. No discrimination for pre-existing conditions….”

American Health Insurance Plans response

“Health plans have been working in support of bipartisan health care reform for three years,”

“Our community has proposed guaranteed coverage for pre-existing conditions, discontinuing rating based on a person’s health status or gender….(and) far-reaching administrative reforms.”

“Our industry has offered to completely transform how health insurance is provided today. We have stepped up to do our part to make health-care reform a reality. That’s an inconvenient fact that some people have chosen to ignore.”

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