I am writing this note on April 14, 2011. Today Senate Bill was sent back to the Arizona Senate after being approved in the House of Representatives. If approved and signed by the Governor, Arizona citizens will be able to purchase Health Insurance policies from other States. These policies will not be subject to Arizona regulations and mandates.

Why is this being considered? Those in favor believe it will give our citizens the opportunity to purchase less expensive policies. Those who oppose believe that the policies and companies being offered will not be subject Arizona codes and the public is less protected from, shall I say, ethically impaired sales people and Insurance Companies; in other words, consumer rip offs.

We do not know if or when this could go into effect. If passed consumers will have the choice of purchasing “regulated” or “unregulated” insurance policies.

For the record, I have long favored a State approved “Minimum Policy”. Similar to car Insurance there could be a policy the State would consider minimum to be considered an acceptable Health Plan. This would allow people of limited means to purchase a lower cost plan knowing that the basics of a stable policy and the financial condition of the Insurance Company come under the jurisdiction of the State.

At first glance, this bill will allow people to purchase less expensive insurance coverage but with a huge “Caveat Emptor’.

Let the buyer beware.

I will keep informed and keep you updated.

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