Imagine you owned a sandwich shop. You make your sandwiches and sell them every day. If you manage expenses well and market correctly,  you stand to make a profit which will provide for your family.

One day the Federal Government passes a law that says all sandwiches must contain only high fiber bread. Each meat sandwich also must have a minimum amount of meat (approximately 25% more than current).  Also it is now required that every sandwich be accompanied with a side order whether the customer wants it or not. Finally every person in the restaurant must get food whether they pay for it or not. If they can not pay for it the government will send you a subsidy worth about 80% of your cost.

To stay in business, you only have 1 option. The price of all your food must be raised to cover increased expenses AND the 20% loss on the “government sandwiches”. When you raise your prices, you will be criticized for “price gauging”.

Does this sound crazy? This is a simplified example of our new Health Care Bill which will do many things EXCEPT LOWER THE COST.

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