Today people find themselves between jobs and therefore between insurance coverages. Also often people can not start insurance at their new job for a few months. Short term plans allow you to purchase low cost coverage for up to 6 months. Purchase the amount you need at the cost you desire. Coverage can start as early as the day after you apply.

There is a pre-existing condition clause on these plans which goes back 5 years. Using these plans will not help with existing conditions. You are buying protection for the un foreseen catastrophic claim.

There are a few health questions, if you answer “Yes” to any of them, the plan is not available to you. Each Company has different questions. I can help you navigate the correct plans for you.

These plans are inexpensive. They typically won’t pay until the selected deductible is met. It is important to know that once the term of coverage ends, the policy ends. To continue coverage will require purchasing a whole new plan. However, you can stop the plan whenever you want.

Simply stated, if a 3 month plan is purchased and the insured secures permanent coverage after one month, they can just terminate their Short Term Plan.

IHC Short Term Medical Insurance
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