Is insuring yourself a personal responsibility or the responsibility of the nation? Should the nation insure us for Medical bills? Should they insure us for Property loss? Should they insure us for liability in case we get sued? Should they protect our families by providing life insurance?

The argument here is not about the poor as they are covered through Medicaid. It may be that we no longer know what is the definition of “poor”. If a family makes $80,000 but purchased a house with a large mortgage and two new cars with payments so high that they can not afford their Health Insurance, are they poor or foolish.

If this same family can not put aside money for savings or retirement should the nation consider those programs. At what point does the compassionate heart resemble the parent who never requires their children to have consequences to poor choices?

If we start to protect the foolish we are saying that our actions and choices bear no consequences. My experience is that the myth of “no consequences” eventually leads people to irresponsibility, more poor choices and a weaker nation.

Excellence can be ours IF we take responsibility for our choices and live with the consequences. How many people learned how to budget money after a foolish mistake? My guess is that has happened to millions of people in their life.

This debate of government vs. personal responsibility is much more important than financial. It may define the future strength or weakness of our citizens.

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