I have read today’s news from several different articles that I can find. To be honest, I feel like I am watching the old pea in the shell game where the pea is placed under a cup and two cups have nothing under them. After quick movement, all you have to do is pick the cup with the pea and you win. The problem is that on the streets you can never win.

Most of the arricles are large in headlines and short on detail. It is stated that the saving is contingent on significantly reducing the number of uninsureds. That would mean that insurance would pay bills that are currently being written off and the losses charged to people with insurance in the form of increased bills. No reduction in uninsureds, no savings.

While the hospitals have agreed to accept lower payments from MedCare and Medicaid starting in 2015, they received a concession that any government plan will pay at a higher rate then MediCare and Medicaid.

Pea in the shell game? I will take less payments with my left hand as long as you pay me more in the right hand. Already we are deeply in the red with MediCare. What does this increased payment say about the true cost of the new government plan. It will have to be significantly higher than MediCare as the payments to the Hosptials are higher.

Everyone wants quality health care. Few want to pay the true cost of quality coverage. Telling us about mythical savings is the aphrodisiac before the seduction. Remember the pea in the shell game.

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