These are random thoughts because everything around me seems to not be making sense lately.

1. The latest Health Reform bill does not meet many of the President’s promises (adding to the deficit, no federal funds for abortion, cost of over $1 trillion, and cuts in Medicare to seniors), yet he is pushing hard for its’ passage. Doesn’t he realize that if it passes it will make his speech before Congress and the country a lie? It seems obvious to me that he doesn’t care what is in the bill, he just wants a bill passed. Rather than good legislation it smells like a campaign slogan. “We passed Health Care Reform.”

It is like taking out the credit card to impress people as you buy another round of drinks or getting a subprime mortgage on a house you can’t afford. How did that strategy work out?

2. There is a simple rule of logic that says if I disagree with something it does not mean I agree with something else. For example, I do not like to eat turnips. That does not mean that I like to eat okra. However, that logic is being used today. Because I do not like this bill does not mean that I am against Health Care Reform. Yet I am being told that everyone who opposes this bill is against Health Care Reform.

3. I was wondering why the Stock Market (good old Wall Street) doesn’t consider moving to Texas. There are lower taxes in Texas including no State Income Tax. With modern technology, there is no need for the Market to be in New York anymore. High taxes will eventually drive people elsewhere. Do you want to put a business in California today?

4. If we just keep raising taxes business will go elsewhere taking jobs with them. Will I be visiting my grandchildren in South America or Africa because that is where the good jobs exist? It isn’t as silly as it seems. Remember when videophones were an imagination in the comic books?

5. If people can overspend and lose their credit rating, homes and future financial security, can’t a government do the same? Once England was the great world power. Today they have unemployment at about 20%. Remember the Ottoman Empire, the Spanish world power, the Roman Empire? Power in the International community is economic not military power. As we tumble deeper and deeper into debt our International Power cannot be taken for granted anymore.

Or as Stan Laurel said to Oliver Hardy “This is a fine mess you’ve got me in, Ollie.”




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