President Obama has correctly identified the inflationary trends in Health Care. The rising cost of Health Care is a serious budgetary problem for our country. What doesn’t make sense is the proposed solution. To cut cost the product itself must be dilluted and some benefits need to be subtracted from the basic plan. If I want a cheaper car, I buy less upgrades. Health Insurance today has so many government required mandates that, while nice benefits, add significantly to the cost.

What we are hearing is that a single payer will bring so much savings that we can maintain and even increase benefits at a lower cost. That would be wonderful if it were true. The latest report from the Congressional Budget Office indicates that the savings isn’t there. We are told that there is $500 billion in savings (half of the money needed) just from Medicare and Medicaid. We are not told how that is created. Something is being cut or another tricky measure is to just pass it on to the States.

There is an old adage – when it appears too good to be true, it probably is at it appears.

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