The link below refers to a new NAME FOR THE PUBLIC OPTION. Instead of a public option just let people join Medicare. There will be a higher payment to providers in hopes of getting more Doctors to accept the plan. This is a serious problem today and it is doubtful that 5% will help get more Docotrs to accept new patients. The flow of new premiums will help the woefully bankrupt Medicare Plan which is projected to go broke in 2018.

When a plan “goes broke” it will have to get fixed by a combination of higher taxes and decreased benefits. Rather than the Insurance Companies making necessary changes to remain in business, the American taxpayer will assure the lifeblood of Medicare.

Remember when we were told that Health Care Reform was going to get the 40 million  uninsured people coverage? If that is all this is about why the 900 billion dollar price tag? Remember when we were told that reform would lower prices? All people on Medicare have just been told of their 17% increase in premiums for 2010. Oh by the way, this will come in the first year that the Social Security Payments do not get a cost of living increase. This is a double whammy to Medicare beneficiaries. As Alice in the Looking Glass said, “This is getting curiouser and curiouser.”

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