From November 15 until December 31, all seniors who are covered on a Medicare Advantage Plan will have to make decisions about their plan. Many plans have changed or been dropped. Premiums and co-pays have also changed. Changes MUST be completed by the end of December.

Also if Seniors own Part D (Prescription Plans) their rates and co-pays have also changed. Formularies are different and many drugs are now subject to “step therapy”. This simply means they may be required to change their prescription to another drug or it won’t be covered by the plan.

The solutions are to call toll free numbers for answers, attend seminars which often are hosted by a single Insurance Company, or do research online. These solutions are unsatisfactory to many people.

I strongly recommend that a Medicare Beneficiary should sit down with a qualified independent broker with experience in the field. Federal Regulations do not allow these qualified people to call the Beneficiaries without prior permission. That means that people need to be pro-active. They need to seek out a qualified person and request a meeting. The sooner the better.

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