Some events have happened lately that triggered this rant. The thoughts are not aimed at anybody. They are as much a self reflection as anything else.

  1. Mortgage without repayment
  2. College degree without study
  3. Sex without children or commitment
  4. Money with no work
  5. Salvation without conversion
  6. Entitlement without effort
  7. Health Insurance at no cost

If we can get all of this and something bad happens we aren’t responsible. We are victims. Victims don’t try to change things but look to others to enslave them.

Liberty comes with responsibility. If it has no responsibility, it is license. License will eventually lead to enslavement. People all around us are enslaved to passions. These include overeating, drugs, alcohol, sex, even watching TV. I know people who schedule their life so they don’t miss a TV show.

The challenge is simple. Try to take more responsibility in our own lives and stop looking to others to make things better. Once this happens the oxygen of freedom will start to fill our lungs again.

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