In reading my blogs about the government Health Care program, I am distressed how negative I have become. I am, at heart, a very positive and enthusiastic person.

So I have decided to remind everyone about some great things in Health Care. Research has continued to bring us to the edge of many life saving discoveries. In the next ten years we will see some diseases cured forever and others reduced greatly. If you have ever had to receive serious health care, it is amazing how many wonderful and caring people work in our hospitals and care centers. Just recently I heard a testimony where the patient spoke with great love for a nurse whose second name he never learned. Even though he has not seen her for over ten years “Nurse Amy” and her care still brings tears to his eyes.

The gift of “being healed” is life changing. It is like getting a second chance to experience a sunrise, hear laughter, and hold a loved one. This is what quality health care is all about. So for today, I want to take some time and thank all the highly trained and caring professionals who help bring the “gift of healing”. It was four years ago that I sat on a gurney in a Hospital with a 99% blockage in a major artery. I was given a medical reprieve on that day. This is part of the Health Care that we often take for granted. I DO NOT take it for granted. I want it to grow and improve and continue to give relief to the suffering and healing to the sick.

Hippocrates said “I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone.” May the purity of this art continue in this selfless spirit.

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