I have become very discouraged about the many lies coming out about the proposed Health Care Bill from its opponents. This issue is important enough that nobody needs to lie or deceive.

I know there are very few “good guys” in this debate. I have had too many clients who cannot get coverage to be a big fan of the current system. Insurance Companies are not charitable organizations. They are in business to make money. This isn’t all bad as it can lead to good business efficiencies and a lack of waste.

Understanding that the bottom line is profits, I believe the government should encourage healthy and vibrant competition to keep prices in line. The government can also regulate what must be covered and what can be optional. This can be very helpful in protecting the public and still allowing choices.

I have some simple requests that I believe have to be a part of Health Care Reform. Everybody should be able to get a policy WITHOUT a pre-existing condition clause. To make sure everyone has insurance, require everybody to carry a minimum policy. Don’t we do this for car insurance?

If people cannot afford insurance, government assistance can be available to those who do not have the income or assets to pay for their own coverage. This already exists. Many people do not realize that about 35% of Americans have government insurance (Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans).

So everybody is now covered. People can buy the insurance of their choice, we haven’t created a government bureaucracy to run it and we haven’t mortgaged our children’s future to pay for it.

This is just one man’s opinion that has been trying to help people secure affordable healthcare for about 25 years.

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