The President has told us that he will give us better health care for more people with no restrictions on health conditions FOR LESS MONEY. Who does not want this? Sign me up.

He will do all this by letting the government run a “competitive plan” and appointing an independent committee to review the delivery of health care. Let us think about these separately.

When has the entrance of a government entity ever lowered prices. Is Medicare run efficiently? Is it profitable? If government competition lowers prices why don’t they offer me a competitive grocery store or computer software company? Why doesn’t government enter all levels of business if the effect is to deliver better services at lower costs? I think the opposite. I would like to see a private for profit enterprise run motor vehicles and see how fast we can register and license our cars.

The second point is potentially scary. The President said that we will have a separate entity to review the delivery of health care so that we may not always get the most expensive procedure.  This is rationing. You and your doctor will not choose your procedure. An independent entity will authorize your health care based on finances.

If this gives us better health care for more people at reduced cost, it can not be argued. Does anyone believe that the government can accomplish these goals? I see no evidence. Why don’t they just fix Medicare with all these great promises then roll out the plan for the whole country. It reminds me of the teenager who has wrecked two cars and then tells his parents (as he asks for a third car) to just “Trust me”.

Every government medical plan in existence is known for poor service, few doctors, and huge financial losses. I hate it when a great party gets ruined by facts.

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