I discovered this story from an article by Dan Wetzel at Yahoo Sports.

Thabiti Boone was an inner city child from Brooklyn, NY. He grew up in poverty with an abusive father who was in and out of jail on drug charges. His mother had immense emotional problems and young Thabiti had little guidance or role modeling in his life.

He was a very gifted basketball player. Although he knew he was too short (5 feet 9 inches) to play professionally, he knew he could play in college. He was a neighborhood legend and once scored 54 points in a High School game.

When his 17 year old girlfriend announced she was pregnant, Thabiti saw two things. He saw a small challenge to his basketball future. Why small? Others had fathered children and moved on shirking any responsibility. Thabiti had another vision. He saw his daughter growing up in poverty without him. He knew the future for such a young woman was very bleak.

At a very young age Thabiti fought for and won full custody of his daughter. He committed himself to being a good father for her. Basketball did end up giving him a college education, but his commitment was to his daughter. He went to school, worked jobs and spent all his free time with his daughter, Kim.

What happened? Today Kim Boone is a 26 year old married woman who is a nurse at Georgetown University Hospital and mother of two. Thabiti looks at his grandchildren and realizes they will not see the poverty and lack of hope that he experienced. Thabiti Boone personally broke a destructive lifestyle with sacrifice, commitment and unselfish love.

Today Thabiti is an attorney who goes around the country speaking to young men about the tragedy of fatherlessness in our country. He is inspiring others to change our culture.

One person can make a huge difference. Why not me?

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