Now that we have the New Law, what next?

Do I have to insure all my employees? How will I buy the required insurance? Can I keep my current plan?

All these and other questions will be answered as the Federal Government completes the regulations. Once any law is passed, everyone waits to see how it must be implemented. We are now waiting.

The regulations will be massive and very complex. This is going to take some time. The implementation date is January 1, 2014.

Those expecting “Free Care” will be disappointed. Unless people have very low incomes, nothing will be free. For those with low incomes, all medical care will not be free. There will be limitations (there always are).

So for now we follow the sage advice of great minds. “We will see in time.” One thing for sure, our medical delivery service and its’ cost is about to change in a very big way.

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