Much is being made that people will not be allowed to keep their current insurance. Let’s start with a direct answer. That is true.

This, however, is not news. Once the Government mandated what a policy must include in coverage, it changed every Insurance policy that exists. Let me make a partial list.

1. There can be no pre-existing condition exclusions

2. Maternity must be covered on all plans

3. Pediatric dental and Vision must be included on all plans

4. Mental Health along with Drug and Alcohol Rehab must be included in all plans

5. All plans will have unlimited lifetime coverage.

6. All plans must have an “out of pocket maximum” not to exceed $6,350 per person per year.

7. All preventive must be provided free of charge.

With these and other provisions required, Insurance Companies had to build new plans. When plans renew in 2014, they will be cancelled and insureds will be offered a new “Essential Benefit Plan”.

I have seen the plans. The premiums have increased from 2013.

These prices can be offset by tax credits if the income qualifies. Consumers can then choose smaller provider networks, higher deductibles, higher co-pays to help bring their premiums down.

I heartily suggest that you let us help you in these decisions. These are the words I live by today.





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