After all the promises and misleading (lies) comments we now have the start of an actual bill. Here is what we know today.

1. An amendment to prohibit federal funds being used for abortion – failed so the prohibition is not in the bill.

2. Penalty for not buying insurance dropped from $1900 to $800.

3. Insurance executive compensation in excess of $500,000 would not be tax deductible to the Insurance Companies

Today the Insurance Companies have said that this bill would make it economically wise for people to not purchase Insurance until they get sick. The net result of this would be a massive increase in premiums. Imagine that you could buy your car and Homeowners Insurance after the claim to pay the claim. Wouldn’t that have to make the policies much more expensive?

Stay tuned – we all want to pay less for health insurance. We all want everyone to be able to get coverage. Getting all of this done like any prescription will have SIDE EFFECTS. So far the side effects I see are higher costs and unkept promises.

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