Many people have chronic conditions that are controlled well with diet and exercise. The likelihood is that as people age the conditions become more serious. That insignificant “blood pressure” needs more medications. The osteoporosis becomes more serious. It gets harder to walk, maybe harder to remember. Eventually, it is good to have some home health care once in a while.

How are we to pay for it? Most people start to consider a Long Term Care Policy too late in life. The rates are less when purchased younger and health conditions haven’t developed that may make it difficult to buy such a plan.

What is the cost of not owning such coverage. How much does it cost to have a professional medical person come to the house a few times a week? It doesn’t take very much to seriously cut in to a retired person’s income. Often children plead with aging parents to purchase such a plan so they can have peace of mind that Mom and Dad will be OK. In this important protection procrastination is a very bad idea.

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