Since the passing of Health Reform, we have seen these results.

19 – States where parents can no longer buy child-only insurance policies as a result of the law
30 – States suing to block the law from taking effect, or requesting waivers from its requirements
1,270 – New bureaucrats requested by the Internal Revenue Service to implement the law this year
$2,100 – Increase in individual insurance premiums due to Reform, according to the Congressional Budget Office
$2,500 – Premium reduction promised by candidate Obama “by the end of my first term as President”
6,578 – Pages of new regulations issued implementing Reform through March 14, 2011
2,624,720 – Total individuals in 1,040 plans granted waivers thus far exempting them from the law’s insurance mandates; nearly half of whom participate in union plans
7,400,000 – Reduction in Medicare Advantage enrollment as a result of Reform, resulting in a loss of choice for seniors and millions of beneficiaries losing their current health plan
40,000,000 – Firms subject to the health law’s new 1099 reporting requirements, which the National Federation of Independent Business called a “tremendous new paperwork compliance burden”
$118,000,000,000 – New costs imposed on states to implement Reform-budgetary costs that will lead to reduced services for other state programs like education or to higher state taxes
$310,800,000,000 – Projected increase in health costs due to Reform, according to the independent Medicare actuary, who called its promise of lower costs “false, more so than true”
$552,200,000,000 – Amount of higher taxes Americans will pay if Reform remains in place
$1,390,000,000,000 -Federal spending on new entitlements during fiscal years 2012-2021 according to the CBO, a 48% increase from an earlier estimate


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