After the election, we are starting to hear rumbles of “repealing” health care reform. This blog is purely one man’s opinion and worth little more than a chuckle in the universe of wisdom.

Common sense tells me that once the animals escape the zoo, it is hard to bring them back in the same condition as when they left. Washington is full of talk and prognostication without any care for reality. If people are afraid that the changes about pre-existing conditions (not in effect until 2014) and guaranteed coverage will be repealed, I think your fear is unfounded.

There is plenty of rhetoric and fear creation going on between our two parties. The real issue that concerns everyone should be cost. We spent many months arguing over who should pay the bill; Insurance Companies or the Government (taxpayers or policyholders). Little time was spent discussing the actual bill. What is driving the cost? How can the cost be controlled, modified or even reduced? With an aging population, accelerating technological (expensive) advancements, and a staggering National Debt, how can people receive quality Health Care affordably? Can this question be answered by politicians who are ultimately running for office and trying make their opponents look as bad as possible?

Should there be health care angst? My answer is yes, until somebody is forced to make difficult decisions without the pressure of being reelected.

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