When Dorothy was trudging toward her destiny, the trip was most difficult. The Flying Monkeys came and made the trip easy by flying her to the destination. She no longer had to sleep outdoors. A propagandist could say her life was made easier. The truth is that she was in prison.

Today Flying Monkeys promise to make our life easier. Nothing should ever replace independence and personal freedom. It starts with each person accepting responsibility for their choices and the consequences of those choices. The day we give up personal responsibility is the day the Monkeys take us to the prison.

Is this a bad allegory? I am sure that it is. However, the more we think that the government is the answer to our problems, the more freedom we will give away. There are hundreds of examples but I will conclude by citing an appointment that I had this week. A retired couple that is dependent on Medicare and Social Security feel trapped. Income is not going up. Cost of Insurance is rising. Only certain doctors will see them and the list is shrinking. The wife has a condition that nobody can clarify after one year of tests. They can not afford to go out of the system where better and more experienced professionals could help. The government has not been the answer for them.

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