We have been promised all kinds of great benefits and lower cost with Health care Reform. There are some indisputable FACTS. The States are starting to resist the reform measures for one key reason. They can not financially handle more Medicaid enrollees. Medicaid provides Health Insurance to the poor. It is paid for primarily by the States. As the economy has turned down and unemployment risen, the number of people on Medicaid has risen drastically. It is breaking the budgets of the States. States are not allowed to run deficits, they have to balance their budget and they can go bankrupt.

The Federal Government has no such restrictions. They can grow deeper and deeper in debt without requiring to balance the budget. The cost of this whole reform measure is visible in our States financial crisis. Health Care is very expensive. For the government to provide it for all will REQUIRE more revenue from someone or reduced benefits. The alternative is to “bury” it in the maze of increasing Federal Debt.

As we have learned from the current financial crisis, playing with debt will eventually burn you. The choices are serious and difficult but there is a financial reality that should not get hidden in slogans and political loyalties.

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