These thoughts have nothing to do with insurance. They are ramblings from a personal observation. They are not humorous. They are not statistically based. They certainly are not profound. If you read anymore, you have been warned.

President Obama’s Federal Deficit Commission has made their initial draft. They have proposed $4 trillion in deficit reduction. 75% of the savings will come from budget cuts and 25% from tax increases. As we all knew would happen, everybody hates it. From the liberals to the tea party objections surged.

Did you ever try to balance a deficit budget in your home? It is painful. People have to sacrifice to accomplish the goal.

We need to take the “Kitchen Table Wisdom” globally. Americans will be required to sacrifice if the deficit is to be brought under control. In our climate of political division, people want other people to sacrifice but not themselves. Unfortunately our deficit is so huge nobody can be exempt.

Now the politicians will get involved trying to get re-elected. They will try to “protect” their constituents from sacrifice (did you notice that Unions and the Government are exempt from the Health Bill?). I am sorry to say, nothing will be done but blaming the other side for the failure.

We are in need of Statesmen not politicians. Statesmen are guided by doing what is needed regardless of popularity. I am looking for Statesmen who may be willing to sacrifice their political career to help us reduce the deficit. If we can’t find one, the default position will be to print money, create inflation and make the debt more tolerable by paying with devalued currency. It is like paying my $10,000 credit card debt with my $10,000 raise paying no attention to the fact that gas is now $6.00 a gallon, my $150 grocery bill becomes $250, my favorite hobby of watching TV now costs $200 a month with pay per view for all live sports.

Wouldn’t it be better to sacrifice now for a better future?

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