In 2006 Massachusetts passed Health Care reform very similar to what was just passed by the Congress. After three years 98% of the people of Massachusetts have Health Insurance, the highest percentage in the country.

In 2006 MassCare was expected to cost $88 million. Today the health care budget for Massachusetts is $4 billion. The 2011 budget is underfunded by $294 million. Patients were increased with no increase in doctors. Therefore emergency room usage increased by 17%. Today Massachusetts has the highest number of physicians per capita of any state in the country. Unfortunately the wait time of 46.7 days is the longest in the country.

Increased cost and  longer waits are the result. Is this the future of the country?

Now, MORE THAN EVER, people need to seek out a professional Health Insurance Broker and devise a quality plan with built in cost controls. It can be done but people will have to be proactive.

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