This blog has tried to emphasize the positive side of issues. Today I will stray from being positive in an effort for FULL DISCLOSURE.

Everyone, by now, is tired of the Health Care debate. Sides have been taken and nobody is changing their minds. These thoughts are not designed to “pick a side” or change a mind. They are just “Common Sense”.

If an Insurance Company is forced to insure people with bad health, will that make premiums go up or down? Here is a clue. Medicare, which insures the sickest population, are forced to increase costs and lessen benefits.

If people want lower costs, there are just a few options.

1. Government subsidies (nice words for increased taxes)

2. Rationing of benefits (this exists today in some form with all insurance plans)

3. Lowering the quality of care (the finest technology and best care will be more restricted)

Moral arrogance of these issues won’t change the hard facts. We have and desire the best medical care in the world and it is expensive. There are 80 million people entering Medicare age.

Promising to lower costs is just smoke and mirrors. Sorry. Want evidence of the problem review these 2 pieces of news from today’s papers.

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