According to the Wall Street Journal, Health Insurance Companies are raising rates on October 1 from 1% to 9% due to the new Health Insurance Regulations.

Effective October 1, polices must offer free well care treatments. They must offer unlimited protection on their policies. Children can no longer have pre-existing condition clauses on their policies. Each of these benefits were intended to provide better health care to people. However, each of these benefits increases premiums.

Shockingly, there were some people who claimed to not see this coming. Here is a lesson I learned long ago. When I buy a product and then decide to add “OPTIONS” to the purchase, the price ALWAYS increases. This is like the person who uses a credit card for exceedingly generous Christmas Shopping. Then in January they are shocked to see the bill. Apparently we have some legislators who did some generous Christmas Shopping and we are starting to see the bills.

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