It was the Flying monkeys that took Dorothy to the Wicked Witch. I learned that you have to keep your eyes out for those Flying Monkeys, they can carry you to places you do not want to go.

These Monkeys rarely give you a choice. They sweep in and the next thing you know – slavery is your home.

Are there Flying Monkeys in the sky today? Is our Freedom in danger? The Monkeys promise a simpler life. It is a life when others will make decisions for us.The attraction of slavery is that we are never responsible for our own life.

There is an obvious antidote and it lies in keeping what is surrendered. Free will allows me to make choices and live in the consequences of my own choices. Free will allows me to change from poor choices to better ones knowing that my choices will create my future. Freedom embraces the consequences of my decisions. When I create and accept responsibility for my future, something miraculous happens. The Flying Monkeys disappear.

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