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Health Care Reform
Finding helpful information on Health Care Reform is very difficult. The country is so divided, everything we read is slanted to one opinion or another. I have tried to locate websites dedicated to covering the facts and not overstressing opinions. I hope you find them helpful. Please feel free to give me feedback.

Health Insurance Innovations
As we move forward, innovations in Health Insurance will provide us the relief we need in developing affordable products.You can count on me to inform you how any savings were created so you can be certain what you purchase, meets you NEEDS and your BUDGET.

Debt Reduction
Reducing debt is the first step to Financial Planning. It makes no sense to invest funds to make a net gain of 5% if debt payments are 10% or more. No matter how you look at it, such a position is going backwards. Reducing and eliminating debt can seem very intimidating. Yet there are resources available to all of us. I have some helpful links below but I strongly suggest that you consider the Money Merge Account form U First Financial. I have provided two video links for your consideration. I can answer question about this awesome program that is helping people eliminate millions of dollars of debt.

Estate Planning
Estate Planning is essential to make sure your assets are distributed exactly in the manner you desire. You will want to minimize all taxes. You will want to make sure that the people you love will be the beneficiaries of not only your assets, but your wisdom also.
At the Peter Lemieux Agency, we provide leveraged funds for your family through quality Life Insurance. We can protect your income with Disabilty Insurance. We also can provide valuable Long Term Care Insurance. We can ask the correct questions and give general information. However, we are not attorneys and we do not practice law. To that end I am proud to direct you the website of David J. Harowitz. David has a wonderful library of article on many different topics to help you seek information about topics pertinent to you.
Let me start with a few important questions.
•If you die today do you know how much of your estate will transfer immediately and how much will be tied up in probate?
•Have your plans been updated by current law or is it possible that some of your intentions can not be honored due to law changes?
•Have you neglected children from a priot marriage without intent on your part?
•Do you have special needs children or grandchildren that will require specific care?
•Have you put in writing your medical directives and are they binding or can a medical facility or the Government change them?
Single people, unmarried couples, families with divorced children all have unique concerns that need to be addressed.
I will be happy to meet with any of you to start the planning process. In the meantime, please feel free to do some research using David Harowitz’s website

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