Can’t qualify for Health Insurance? Have you been uninsured for six months?

You can get a policy from the Health Exchange. Costs in Arizona?

Age 0-34 – $324 per month

Age 35-44 – $387 per month

Age 45-54 – $495 per month

Age 55+ – $688 per month

What about the coverage? Except for preventive services all health care is subject to a $2,500 annual deductible. After the deductible doctors can be seen for a $25 co-pay. After the deductible two prescriptions can be purchased for a co-pay then 50% of the Rx will be covered. After the deductible there is a 20% co-insurance with an out of pocket maximum of $5,950 per year in network.

There are no insurance subsidies available for adults in this program. Politicians can now proudly say that people can get insurance. Premiums are high, coverage is weak and the Office of Budget Management has already said the premiums are too low for expected costs. All the Health Care  debating and publicity that we heard seems to have not addressed the issue of cost.

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