Have you ever heard the saying that someone bought a “pig in poke”? Here is what it means.

This can be said when we buy something without knowing what it is or not inspecting the true nature before we buy it.

It appears this has been done to the American Public on a Saturday night in November 2009. On that night the House of Representatives passed their version of the “Affordable” Health Care Act. I have checked the records. We were told that the cost of the bill would be $848 billion over ten years.

Without fanfare or much publicity the Congressional Budget Office just released the new ten year projections for the “Affordable” Health Care Act. The new number is – drum roll and I hope you are sitting down – $1.76 trillion.

In a country that carries more debt than any nation in history, how crippled will we be from this legislation? The consequences of these decisions are creating a financial tsunami. Despite these facts we have a government that continues to doll out mandates, which increase the cost of health care, but are nothing more than entitlements. It is an old political trick; entitlements for votes. The problem here is that we can not sustain this immense expenditure without a drastic reduction in the quality of our health care. As sure as a tsunami, the flood is coming and it will be incredibly tragic.

Did we buy the “pig in a poke” or was it handed to us on a late Saturday night in November 2009? On that night the Speaker of the House told us that she hadn’t read the bill and we needed to pass it to see what it is. We passed it and now we see. We did buy a pig in a poke.

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