Two days ago my oldest son, Todd donated a kidney to his brother Kyle. Everything is going very well. In that time we have heard and used the word “hero”. Todd has said that he doesn’t feel like a hero because many people do this every day. His definition of hero is that it is reserved for very few people.

What is a good definition of a hero? It seems like a level of courage is certainly involved. Usually it is a life or action that puts a principle or another person as more valuable than oneself. It is at its’ core GENEROUS UNSELFISHNESS.

I think my son is wrong. I am coming to believe that heroism is not reserved to just a few people. I think each of us encounters heroism every single day. Parents who will give up things so their children can get a better education are acting heroically. People who will change their lifestyle to provide for disabled children are heroic. There are so many people who act sacrificially every day so that somebody else will have a better life. It could be a soup kitchen, or a donation to a worthy cause, sacrifice is heroic to me.

I do view my son as a hero. He joins a very long list of people I have met that I consider heroes. Think of heroes in your life and give them some praise. For a lot of us that probably means looking at our spouse and seeing a hero.

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